Carton Residents under Siege- Reilly

The Residents of Carton estate are being besieged by a plague of rats as rubbish dumping levels reach a new high. Since the privatisation of the bins by Dublin City Council dumping levels across Ballymun has increased dramatically but especially here in Carton estate as there is a piece of Land in front of Carton Terrace which dips in the middle and rubbish can be concealed within. Local Representative Noeleen Reilly said’ Sinn Féin has made representation on a number of occasions to Dublin city Council on behalf of the residents, This piece of land needs to cleared of rubbish, flattened out and landscaped similar to surrounding areas. This would make is more difficult for the culprits to continue dumping. There are many families living in the area with young children who play outside and could pick up any disease from these rodents. It is simply unsafe and cannot continue. We are calling on Dublin City Council to take action immediately; it shouldn’t be the norm for our children to grow up surrounded by rats and rubbish. Surely we have moved on a great deal from the 19th Century.’

About Dessie Ellis

Dessie Ellis TD is a full time public representative for the Constituency of Dublin North West. He is the Sinn Féin National spokesperson on Housing. Dessie is a member of the Oireachtas Communications and Transport Committee and a member of the joint sub-committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport. Dessie has been selected by Sinn Féin alongside Cllr. Cathleen Carney Boud to contest the upcoming General elections.