State must Apologise for its role in the Magdalene Laundries- Ellis

‘State must apologise’; LAUNDRIES

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27 September 2012

The Daily Mirror

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SINN Fein TD Dessie Ellis last night urged the Government to apologise for its role in the Magdalene Laundries.

He made his comments during a Private Members debate on a motion seeking justice for the survivors.

Deputy Ellis said: “It would be convenient for us to shift the blame to the Church and the Order who carried out these acts but the State who funded them is guilty also.

“Silence, inaction, apathy and collaboration are not deeds of the innocent.

“This State allowed the Catholic Church free rein for many years.

“The State must apologise.”

Harsher penalties good for road safety but proper resources for Gardaí essential – Ellis

Sinn Fein spokesperson on Transport Dessie Ellis TD today spoke on how new penalty points targeting more dangerous offences will be policed and how road safety standards will be maintain in the coming years. He made his comments, at the Oireachtas Committee on Transport, in light of serious cuts to Garda resources which are essential in making our roads safe.
Deputy Ellis continued;
“Speeding, mobile phone use and not displaying L-plates or driving unaccompanied are serious threats to the safety of other road users and pedestrians. We need to review the points system to ensure that these acts are heavily discouraged and I welcome this.”
“The problem comes in policing. Our roads are not just safer because of a system of points it is because of the diligent and dedicated work of an Gardaí who are tasked with ensuring the law is obeyed on the road everyday.”
“It is difficult to see how an Gardaí can implement these points when they have been savagely cut by this government. ”
“We are seeing stations close or shut their doors earlier and cuts across the board which seriously draws into question whether these points will be anything more than window dressing.”
“There is also the matter of education. Nearly 800,000 people have points on their licence in the state. Some of these are reckless disrespectful drivers who need to be discouraged to act in this manner or put off the road. Some though are simply bad drivers due to failing of the testing system and an absolute lack of any education on driving outside of private driving schools which while in many cases excellent are out of too many prospective drivers’ reach due to cost”