Important notice for Childcare providers.

Due to adverse effects of weather there is an extension of the 2018 Early Years and School Age Capital application window by three working days, to Wednesday the 14th of March 2018 at 3pm.

Services are invited to apply for €6.8m in funding for extra spaces,
natural outdoor play areas and maintenance work, across the following five

|  Purpose of grant |  Max. Grant
|                   |  available
Strand 1 (Early  |  Expansion/New    |  €50,000
Years)           |                   |
Strand 2 (Early  |  Essential        |  €20,000
Years)           |  Maintenance      |
|  (Community only) |
Strand 3 (Early  |  Natural outdoor  |  €7,000
Years)           |  play area        |
Strand 4 (School |  Expansion/New    |  €20,000
Age)             |                   |
Strand 5 (School |  Essential        |  €10,000
Age)             |  Maintenance      |
|  (Community only) |

Childcare  providers  are  encouraged  to  contact  their local City/County
Childcare  Committee  (CCC)  for  any  help or guidance they may require in
completing  their  applications  for capital funding before the application
window closes.

Bin collection updates after Storm Emma.

My constituency office has spoken to City Bins and the following is the bin collection plan for Dublin North West.
If your bin was General Waste (Black Bin) last week, the bin will be collected this Saturday the 10th of March.
If your bin was Green and Brown last week they will be collected next week and they will take any excess recycling materials.
If your bin is the Black bin tomorrow it will be collected as normal.
If you have any other queries you can email them at or call them at 1800 248924
We have also spoken to Greyhound and they said that if the Recycling bin is due this week it will be taken next week with two extra-large recycling bags, NOT black bags.
The Black bin and compost bin will be taken as normal on the Collection date.  Their contact number is 1890 989 998

This Sinn Féin Bill would make bankers accountable for their lies and scams.


Bankers are not above the law. At the moment they are not accountable for their lies and scams. This Sinn Féin bill would change that and under our bill bankers will know that white collar crime would no longer pay.

Calling for the reform of the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement.


White collar crime apparantly pays. The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement to date has had no prosecutions or convictions in the last two years. It is beyond belief that those who brought this country to its knees economically have it seems gotten away with it. If you don’t have a TV licence or get a Dog licence you can be sure you will be pursued vigorously.

A proposal to extend the Luas from Broombridge to the Airport Via Finglas


I proposed in the Dáil today that the Luas be extended from Broombridge to the Airport via Finglas. The population of Finglas is growing and is in urgent need of proper public transport links.

Visit to Merchants Quay Ireland.


As part of the outreach work I have been doing as the Sinn Féin spokesperson on Drugs and Alcohol misuse I visited Merchants Quay Ireland on a fact finding tour and was kindly shown around their excellent facilities by the CEO Mr. Tony Geoghegan, who kindly give up a couple of hours of his busy schedule to facilitate the meeting and tour. I was privilged also to meet and speak with the dedicatied and hard working staff.

Sinn Féin Affordable Housing PMB


I spoke in the Dáil last night on implementing a social and affordable housing scheme. It is a shocking fact that this government and the previous government have not delivered affordable rental or housing property for purchase through affordable schemes during the lifetime of this current Dáil or through the lifetime of the last Dáil. The housing and homeless crises are this governement’s legacy to the people of Ireland.

Government shows its hand on the car insurance compensation fund.


The Taoiseach told me in the Dáil today that the forthcoming legislation for the insurance compensation fund will not be retrospective, so if you are a customer of an Insurance company that previously went into liquidation you will not get 100% compensation. Sinn Féin will be fighting to get this changed.

An affordable housing scheme is needed now.


Asking the government where is their committment to an Affordable Housing scheme is in their promised legislation for this Dáil session.

Sinn Fein motion on the Trolley crisis.


Last night I spoke in the Dáil about the ongoing scandal of the Trolley crisis and the excessive waiting times for those who present themselves to hospital Emergency Departments.