This new report on the Stardust tragedy compounds the suffering of the victims families.


The McCartan report still leaves unanswered questions for the families of the Stardust victims. A new commission of investigation is now required to help bring closure after 36 years of suffering for the families of the victims.

General Medical Services patients left without proper GP service in Finglas.

1,300 patients in Finglas left to travel long distances to see a GP and many of these are elderly and people with disabilities. I asked today in the Dáil to examine existing legislation to ensure that this will not happen again.

Speaking in the Dáil on the motion on Neurological Disorders


Services for those suffering from Neurological Disorders and supports for their families need urgent funding.

Asking the Taoiseach on the setting up of the proposed Working group on the decriminalisation of certain drugs.


Proud to be your candidates for Dublin North West

Speaking against the use of Anti homeless spikes 22/11/17


Anti homeless devices are a direct assault on the homeless. The homeless should be treated with dignity, respect and humanity.

Car insurance hikes for the elderly are not acceptable.


The elderly are bearing the brunt of unreasonable car premium rises.  We need to end this discrimination against our elderly citizens.

Homeless families who are homeless have to be considered as a unit and not as individuals.


The Taoiseach has a feckless and dilettante attitude to the most vulnerable in society.  His latest efforts and those of his housing minster to silence people from speaking out on homelessness is deplorable and will not work.



Speaking on the need for a definition of overcrowding in private rental sector.


There is currently no definition for overcrowding in private rented accommodation. There needs to be one and there needs to be greater oversight of the private rental sector.

Nobody should be descriminated against because of their address or postal code.