Finglas Flooding

We are all aware of the damage that has been done to people’s homes, property and businesses over the last few years because of flooding. Many areas in Finglas were hit badly in recent months by the deluge. Dublin City Council advised people that the flooding in 2009 was a once in a 100 year event and people shouldn’t worry too much. They were wrong. It took only 3 years for a similar situation to occur and many people suffered terribly due to the heavy rainfall.

Dessie Ellis T.D. and Cllr Anthony Connaghan have met with many people who have been affected by the floods and have actively campaigned for more stringent measures to be put in place to

ensure that people in the area aren’t affected as badly as they have been recently. Dublin City Council has introduced measures that have been broadly welcomed by local residents but there is lots more work that needs to be done. DCC has plans to build a swale in the Ballygall area which would hold rainwater during times of heavy rain and would then slowly let the excess rain drain back into the system over time. We will continue to campaign on peoples behalf but would advise residents to have a plan B for themselves. In case of Emergency please ring DCC on 01-6796186

Rent Supplement

Sinn Fein Housing spokesperson Dessie Ellis has branded as a disgrace the cuts Fine Gael and Labour have introduced in the rent supplement. “The cutting of this payment has only resulted in piling more hurt and stress on people who are already struggling.


“The reality is that local authority housing stock is grossly insufficient to meet the scale of the housing need that exists.”


“The rent supplement payment was designed to be paid only to those people who cannot afford accommodation and secondly the local authority housing stock is grossly insufficient to meet the scale of housing need that exists.


“Instead of implementing cuts to rent supplement which impoverish families on the brink of homelessness, the minister should be looking at alternatives to the Housing problem.


“NAMA and other vacant properties must be used to increase the local authorities housing stock. This costs money upfront but the resulting savings on rent supplement and revenues raised through differential rents would be worth it. Concluded Deputy Ellis”