Woodhazel Residents fear for the safety of their Children

Woodhazel Residents in Ballymun fear for the safety of their children if BRL push ahead with plans to build a road through Coultry Park and Woodhazel.  The narrow road is already causing trouble for residents especially when there is an event taking place in Coultry Park.  Residents have committed to fight tooth and nails to ensure the works do not go ahead.  Local Sinn Féin Representative Noeleen Reilly said ‘it is about time the residents’ concerns were listened to.  The opening up of this road was in the original plans for Ballymun in 1995, but since then a number of other developments have not taken place.  If BRL go ahead an open up this road the residents will be sieged by Anti-Social elements as it will be become an escape route’.  A number of Local Residents wished to comment on the controversy.  Eugene Lynch ‘objects to the building of the road as it will be danger to children’.  Peter Hunt said’ I have my grandchildren visiting me; there is no way I could let them out if they open up the road.  It just wouldn’t be safe’.  Josephine Basnett also added ‘They don’t seem to care about the safety of the children or care about what the community want, They don’t live here, their children don’t play here and they haven’t been living on a building site for the past 25 years.’  Brl plan to have this as two way system and say there is enough room as well to park 1.5 cars either side.  This would be impossible and would certainly lead to accidents. Residents are open to negotiation; one suggestion would be instead of a road to build a path.  Negotiation means BRL would have to talk to the residents but they don’t seem to want to do that.  A petition by Residents was handed into BRL but has been responded to as of yet. END

  • Fiona kelly

    They have a fight on their hands…

  • josephine

    No communication seems to be what BRL are about and as there time is nearly up they just want to get the work done as soon as possible and not worry about the effect it will have on the community or residents of this area . There has been to many people pushed about and told like it or lump about the regeneration . Not anymore we will take a stand and not be muted or voices will be heard and our children’s safety will come first in this matter

  • Lorna

    its the pure indifference that gets me, they don’t care, those who make these planning decisions head for the m50 at 5pm. the lack of communication by brl with residents has been consistently poor, yes they will have “consultation process” because it looks good but by the time these consultations take place the final decisions have been made…..you have a fight on your hands BRl if you think the residents of WoodHazel will take this lying down!

  • Siobhan Ni Giolla Rua

    This is so typical of BRL the safer Ballymun meeting has not even taking place and already the works commenced and the hoarding is up so it’s a big fingers up to Ballymun residents again

  • Amanda lee

    they care about the safety of the kids cause they won’t have to live here it is a joke constant traffic going through at all hours and children not been safe on the road