Budget is more than motorists can bear -Ellis

Budget is more than motorists can bear -Ellis

December 5, 2012

Deputy Ellis continued:

“Over the last few years the cost of staying on the road for many motorists has climbed considerably while public transport alternatives have also risen in cost and services have been cut.

“Many people are left with no alternative but to use private transport and they are being forced to pay more now for something they have no choice in.

“On average Motor Tax on private cars register from July 2008 will go up by 53 euro a year. Good vehicles needed for doing business, for employing people will be on average taxed 117 euro more a year.

“VRT is also set to go up by as much as 3% making it more difficult for people to upgrade their vehicles to more environmentally and economically friendly vehicles which would be liable for less Motor Tax.

“Ordinary people seeking to drive to work, small businesses seeking to transport their good, even school busses, tractors, hearse and construction vehicles are now less affordable and people are once again hit harder by this government for no other reason than their unwillingness to tackle those on high earnings.” ends

Minister Launches new buses while cutting service- Ellis

Minister launches new buses while cutting service – Ellis

October 12, 2012

Sinn Féin Transport spokesperson Dessie Ellis has today described as shameful the behaviour of Minister Leo Varadkar who yesterday basked in the glory of launching a new fleet of Dublin Buses a day after withholding €36 million in promised funding to CIÉ.

Deputy Ellis continued;

“The irony of this is not lost on people. Minister Varadkar may enjoy the limelight of launching new buses but he is systematically dismantling public transport in this state, through cuts, reforms and fare hikes.

“Dublin Bus is part of CIÉ which has had its yearly state subvention cut from €312 million in 2009 to €242 million today and Varadkar is intent on making a further €40 million cut to this by 2014.

“He is gutting the companies under CIÉ with these cuts and forcing them to provide less of a service for higher prices. Minister Varadkar has stated publicly that fare hikes damage public transport and discourage use of it but has forced the companies to do just that.

“No one can take seriously a government which speaks about smarter travel as they make public transport less accessible and less attractive while running down services and cutting routes.”