No Pain, No Gain – Greyhound Recycling

Greyhound recycling has given Dublin City Council residents just four weeks to pay a €100 bin charge forced on them. Struggling families will be told next week to either pay up by 15th February or face non collection of your bins. This is in contrast to Dublin City Council whereby homeowners paid €25 a quarter.

Ballymun Sinn Féin Local Representative Noeleen Reilly has slammed Dublin City Council for leaving residents at the mercy of Greyhound Recycling. She further added ‘January is typically a tight month for families and this is just another example of pressure being put on hard working people With the Household Charge of €100 also now due the early part of 2012 looks like it will be very costly for home owners.

Dumping is already a problem in Ballymun and surrounding areas; it will become a massive issue when these draconian charges are imposed on top of all the other regressive charges that this anti-worker FG/Labour government is using to bail out greedy incompetent bankers.

Subsidising toll operators is an outrage

Sinn Féin Transport spokesperson, Dessie Ellis TD, has called again on the Minister for Transport to examine ending the payment of subsidies to operators that have seen decreases in traffic through their tolls.

He made his comments in light of the report that €7 million, a greater amount than in previous years, has been paid to the operator of the Limerick Tunnel and M3.

Deputy Ellis continued:

“This is an example of the disaster that has been Public Private Partnership. The state entered into deals that meant, on top of tolls, if traffic numbers fell, toll operators would be subsidised. I have called for a halt to this practice on a number of occasions. These deals were entered into by a corrupt and negligent government and we cannot sustain them.

“The minister has agreed deals such as these must never happen again, but he must do something to call a halt to this massive waste of public money which is seriously needed. It is an outrage that hospitals beds are closing and €7 million, an increase on last year, is being spent subsidising a company paid handsomely for a job they continue to charge motorists for daily.

“If it is not profitable for these private companies to collect tolls then the state should have no role in supporting them to continue.”