Dessie Ellis TD

Dessie Ellis TD

Dessie Ellis is the Sinn Féin TD for Dublin North West when he was elected to the Dáil in 2011. He is the Sinn Féin Junior Spokesperson on Housing.

Dessie was first elected as a Dublin City Councillor in 1999 and has worked on a full-time basis ever since. He is a lifelong republican and community activist. In his constituency of Dublin North West, Dessie works locally with his constituents and nationally in Leinster House to resolve issues related to housing and transport – areas which are under significant threat from the austerity policies of the current government.

Dessie Ellis is the only TD in Dublin North West who runs a full-time Constituency Office.

As a TD Dessie makes hundreds of representations in the Dáil on behalf of his constituents and has stood in strong opposition to the government’s sale of Aer Lingus, privatisation of Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann routes and erosion of worker’s rights.Dessie’s brief also includes housing maintenance and urban renewal and he regularly speaks in the Oireacthas Committees and in the Dáil chamber highlighting the current crisis in housing and the inability of the government to address it. Follow the link to see Dessie’s most recent contributions at

Dessie is a member of the Joint Policing Committee, Finglas Safety Forum, Ballymun Safety Forum and Finglas Cabra Drugs Task Force. He also attends various Tenant, Resident and Community Associations as an elected representative for the area.

Dessie has lived in Finglas all his life. He is a qualified technician and previously worked as a trade union shop steward.


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