Now is the chance for TDs to fulfil their election pledge on water charges – Dessie Ellis TD

Cathleen Water Protest

Speaking this evening on the Sinn Féin Dáil motion to abolish water charges, Dublin North West TD Dessie Ellis said:

“This is a chance for a significant number of elected representatives sitting in this house to fulfil one of their election pledges.  This motion echoes the call from the majority of our constituents for the abolition of household water charges. Water and sanitation infrastructure should be funded through progressive taxation. This is an issue that brought people in their tens of thousands out on the streets in protest.
Commenting on the failure of Fianna Fáil to support the motion Deputy Ellis said;

“Fianna Fáil is, as usual, trying to position themselves on both sides of the issue. Fianna Fail are biding time and postponing any decision until they can contrive to bring down this government. Fianna Fail says it supports the abolition of water charges but won’t support this motion to abolish water charges.

“Sinn Féin has been consistently opposed to water charges and when we had the chance in the six counties we prevented the introduction of water charges.

“Now is time for Fianna Fail do the decent thing and vote in favour of this motion.”

Minister Ross’s failure to intervene in Dublin Bus strike is the first step on a privatisation agenda


Sinn Féin TD Dessie Ellis said today, that for the Transport Minster Shane Ross there is no choice but to intervene in the Dublin Bus Strike.

Deputy Ellis said:

“The refusal by Mr. Ross to intervene is an interesting position for the Transport Minister to take when a national company is at loggerheads with its employees. No side wants industrial action but Dublin Bus management leave the workers with no other option but to continue with strike action in the absence of any willingness to negotiate.

“With the possibility of other industrial action coming down the line it looks like the Minister actions, or lack thereof, leads to one conclusion, that he is trying to play a long game in regards to privatisation. Have no doubt about it, privatisation of our transport network will benefit no-one except the private firm’s shareholders. Privatisation will lead to weaker worker rights and pay and less transport services for the public. So it is imperative for the public and the state that the Minister puts his ideology to one side and intervenes.”