Car insurance hikes for the elderly are not acceptable.


The elderly are bearing the brunt of unreasonable car premium rises.  We need to end this discrimination against our elderly citizens.

Homeless families who are homeless have to be considered as a unit and not as individuals.


The Taoiseach has a feckless and dilettante attitude to the most vulnerable in society.  His latest efforts and those of his housing minster to silence people from speaking out on homelessness is deplorable and will not work.



Speaking on the need for a definition of overcrowding in private rental sector.


There is currently no definition for overcrowding in private rented accommodation. There needs to be one and there needs to be greater oversight of the private rental sector.

Nobody should be descriminated against because of their address or postal code.


We need a timescale on the delivery of a new shopping centre in Ballymun


I asked the Taoiseach and DCC in the the Dáil this morning to deliver on a timescale for the delivery of a new shopping centre in Ballymun and all I got back was a smarta**e and inaccurate answer. The people of Ballymun deserve a clear answer and more importantly RESPECT.

Speaking on the Water Services Bill Final Stages. Sinn Féin will not allow Water Charges to be introduced by stealth


End Slum housing and penalise slum landlords

Slum houses and slum landlords are still with us. Sinn Féin wants an NCT type certification for all rental properties and strong sanctions against slum landlords to put an end to the atrocious conditions some people have to live in.

This budget will not solve the housing or homeless crisis

Speaking in the Dáil during the Finance Bill highlighting the serious lack of funding for the building of new social and affordable houses.

Metro North

Traffic congestion is posing a real threat to the economic development of Dublin. With projected population growths it is imperative that the consultation process for Metro North be recommenced immediately and the project delivery to be expedited.


I asked the Taoiseach the status of the report from the Urban Renewal Working group particularly with the view to bringing vacant units into productive use during this housing and homeless crisis.