Ellis supports pilots call for review of Aviation Authority

Sinn Fein Transport spokesperson Dessie Ellis TD has today supported the call by pilot body IALPA for a review of the effectiveness of the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). He made his comments in the wake of a UK Channel 4 documentary special which uncovered questionable fuel practice by some airline carriers.

Ellis said;

“The IAA is an independent body which collects fees from the airline industry in order to provide a regulatory service for the industry.

“Air travel is essential to our island and the industry’s safety standards and practices are of the utmost importance. This is the job of the IAA and a review into how effective is doing this job is reasonable and fair.

“I trust pilots to recognise when there are genuine concerns and was disturbed by the potentially dangerous practices uncovered in the Channel 4 film.

“I have raised safety issues in relation to pilots working hours and conditions before and treat air safety very seriously. In ‘Secrets from the Cockpit’ anonymous pilots raised concerns over the fuel policies of a major carrier operating in Ireland. They believe these practices put passengers at risk.

“A survey of pilots at this carrier shows an overwhelming majority have concerns about work practices and safety but feel unable speak up.”

About Dessie Ellis

Dessie Ellis TD is a full time public representative for the Constituency of Dublin North West. He is the Sinn Féin National spokesperson on Housing. Dessie is a member of the Oireachtas Communications and Transport Committee and a member of the joint sub-committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport. Dessie has been selected by Sinn Féin alongside Cllr. Cathleen Carney Boud to contest the upcoming General elections.