Anti Eviction Bill

I spoke last night on the Anti-eviction bill which would give tenants greater protection and greater security of tenure by preventing landlords evicting tenants on grounds of selling a property.
Tenants would be compensated if a landlord moved a family member into the house or flat.
Tenants also can’t be evicted on the grounds of renovating a building.
These are all sensible and reasonable protections.
This bill went before the Dáil last year Fianna Fáil abstained in the vote and Fine Gael voted against it. This was a missed opportunity. Let’s not make that mistake again.

Grafton Language School sudden closure

I raised in the Dáil with the Minister for Education the sudden liquidation of Grafton College which has left more than 20 members of the teaching staff i without a job and owed a month’s wages as we approach the Christmas period.
The sudden closure of such schools without regard for the staff clearly illustrates the nature of precarious employment and the lack of regulation in this sector.

I am delighted that the Minister has acceded to my request to meet with the affected staff.