Minister Naughten must intervene in new pay-by-weight bin charges.


Sinn Féin TD Dessie Ellis has called on the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten to intervene to stop bin companies charging extra for bins which is outside their agreement with the government.

The Dublin North West TD said:

“Certain bin companies are starting to charge customers for black bins over a certain weight. They are doing this outside of the agreement with the Government after the pay-by-weight bin charges system was delayed last year. I have been dealing with the confusion and the fear that the pay-by-weight bin charges have raised in households since last summer.

“The nature of the waste charges structure meant that some customers have to pay twice in one calendar year for a yearly contract and now if you skip a week and not put out your bin to save money, you are penalised with an extra charge. This directly affects the people who are struggling financially.

“The introduction of pay by weight has been shambolic from the start with bin companies gouging customers and the government just kicking the can down the road by deferring the decision.

“Last June, I said that only by annulling the new legislation, which has forced price hikes on waste collection, can fairer systems be established and put into place. The only real solution to any further issues that will arise around bin charges, the Minister needs to put waste management back into the hands of the Local Authorities.”

Action needs to be taken to ease Dublin’s transport crisis


Speaking in Leinster House last night on Sinn Féin’s amendment to Fianna Fáil’s Transport Bill, Sinn Féin TD Dessie Ellis said:

“The current situation in regards to transport trends within the Greater Dublin Area is un-sustainable, congestion is increasing, transport emissions are growing, economic competitiveness is suffering and quality of life for commuters and inhabitants is declining. We are in a situation where to rent a house stretches most people financially and to own a house is beyond the means of most people. And on top of that, we are spending more and more time commuting especially from the outskirts to Dublin. Dublin is a city under severe pressure with no sign of a let up.

“Our amendment to this PMB aims to kick-start the process of planning a city that will match and exceed the projected rise in population in the Greater Dublin Area. Now is the time to start that process and to fast track the numerous plans for an increase in infrastructure to provide for the future?

“In Dublin North West, two major projects would increase capacity, the metro north through Ballymun and the extension of the Luas to Finglas, and I would also contend that those two lines should be joined up in the future. The benefits for Dublin, the airport and surrounding areas are obvious. Thousands of cars will essentially be removed from our streets, improving the environment of Dublin City. Jobs will also be created both during and after construction.

“This is the situation we are looking at either we build the capacity now or suffer in the future. It is imperative that the Government commitments to these services are fully implemented as the alternative of an increased population and underdeveloped transport infrastructure will strangle the city both socially and economically.”