Property Tax over valuation of houses

25th March, 2013

Dear resident,

It has come to our attention in the past week as people continue to receive their Household Charge Bills from the Revenue Commissioners that the current market value of houses, are being grossly overestimated. The Notice of Estimate at the bottom of the page sets out what you should pay for this year. It “ is legally payable by you the resident, UNLESS, you submit a completed Return setting out the amount of Local Property Tax payable by you in respect of this property,” i.e an honest assessment of what you think your property is currently worth.
For example, currently houses in Finglas South are being offered for sale on and for under 100.000 euro . They are actually selling in the region of 55,000. Revenue in their letter to residents in Finglas South are asking for 157 for this year thus estimating that a house in this area to be worth the region of 150,000 to 200,000. The full Household Bill for 2014 will therefore be 314 euro with a review upwards from 2016 onwards.
In Pairc na Cuileann, the Revenue Commissioners have put an estimated value of 250,000 to 300,000 euro on each house. If you agree on this figure the Property Tax for 2014 will be 500 euro. The two City Council built houses are on Willow Park Road, Glasnevin are on the market with an asking price of 165,000. estimate that a 3 bed in Poppintree is worth 135,000 and a four bed is in the 150,000 to 200,000 bracket. Therefore , residents in Pairc na Cuileann fill in section B Band number 2 and enter 112 euro.
This letter is for information purposes and we are not advocating that you pay the Property Tax but if you do decide to pay make sure you do not pay more than you legally have to.

Is mise,

Dessie Ellis.

Sinn Féin Dáil motion on social housing shortage launched

February 15, 2013

Sinn Féin housing spokesperson, Dessie Ellis TD, has called on the Minister for Housing to take immediate action to deal with the continuing crisis in social housing with nearly 100,000 people on the state’s housing waiting lists and deteriorating public housing leading to health concerns.

His made his comments as he and finance spokesperson, Pearse Doherty TD, launched the Sinn Féin motion, to be tabled next week in the Dáil, dealing with the shortage in social housing and mortgage distress.

Deputy Ellis continued:

“This motion is an important step in raising the many problems that continue in social housing in this state and takes the government to task on their inaction in dealing with the crisis.

“There are 98,000 households on waiting lists for Local Authority Housing in this state. These people are living in cramped unsuitable conditions and in the current system will be waiting a very long time to be housed appropriately.

“There are 94,000 people receiving Rent Supplement and 23,000 in the Rental Accommodation Scheme. These cost the state nearly half a billion euro a year but bring us no closer to a long-term sustainable provision of housing.

“The government’s only proposal has been to pass responsibility for social housing onto the private market and give greater workload to the overburdened voluntary sector. They have hailed social leasing from NAMA as a great solution but it will cost the state considerably and has only delivered 179 homes in three years.

“We need the state to make a real commitment to providing social housing and recognising the people’s right to housing. We have outlined already how funding could be secured for the building of thousands of homes which would create employment and give a decent home to tens of thousands of people. The minister must listen to our proposals and treat the issue with the seriousness it deserves.

“Funding is laid out in our Jobs Creation document released late last year.”