Sinn Féin Launch Job Creation Plan in Ballymun

Tonight Wednesday 7th November Ballymun Sinn Féin launched its Job Creation Plan ‘Investing in Ireland’s Future create Jobs- Create Growth’ in the AXIS Centre main street Ballymun. Sinn Féin is calling for a 13Billion investment in Jobs creation and Economic growth.

With Unemployment running at 14.8% and 460,000 people on the live register, unemployment has never been worse. Local Representative Noeleen Reilly added ’Fine Gael and the Labour party came to power on the promise of creating more jobs, this has not materialised and in fact in some area’s in Ireland unemployment has actually increased. They said they would create 100,000 jobs, they have actually lost 33,000’
Ballymun in particular has been a community hit badly. Dessie Ellis TD commented ‘ The government have cut capital spending by 2.6Billion and there are all indications that further cuts will be made in the upcoming budget. Sinn Féin is calling for the reversal of this cut and it will be funded from the National Pension Reserve Fund so that regeneration projects in Dublin, Cork and Limerick can be completed. BRL in particular has been hit with a budget cut of 40million this year and this has left many projects uncompleted. With the shelving of Metro North and the Ballymun Shopping Centre, the loss of potential jobs to the area has been devastating.’

Ms Reilly Further added’ the last figures released from the Central Statistics Office have unemployment in Ballymun at 2,845, with 27% of those under the age of 25%. Families are being left heartbroken as daughters,sons,brothers and sisters leave our shoves to find a better life. If Ireland is to recover we need to stop the exodus of our young people. Generations will be wiped out of Ireland’s future to the detriment of us all and our Country. END

Supporting youth participation in Finglas

Please find enclosed details of the ‘Supporting Youth Participation’ in Finglas Workshop which is taking place on Tuesday 25th September at 7pm in Dublin City Council offices as part of Finglas Community Safety Week.

If you have any queries regarding this event, please contact Mr Tim Stewart, Tel: 08 602 47083.

A workshop facilitated by ‘The Barnardos Amplifying Voices Initiative’

Exploring the roles adults, agencies and community representatives play in supporting youth participation.

· Are young people interested in our community?

· Are young people responsible for the issues affecting our community?

· How do we get young people more involved in the conversations that are taking place in our community?

· Where do young people go to be heard in our community?

· Are young people part of the solution to some of the community issues?

Come along to this workshop and explore how we can all play a role in making Finglas a place where both young and older people work together to identify issues and affect positive change.

The Barnardos Amplifying Voices Initiative is a community based project for 10 – 15yr olds. It is for young people living in or accessing services across all areas of Finglas. It aims to support young people to explore matters that are important to them, express their views and to work in partnership with decision makers to create positive change or influence the decisions on those issues. Amplifying Voices will work in partnership with existing local services to support young people in finding and using their voice to be change makers in their community.