Fine Gael and Labour failing those in need of housing – Ellis

Sinn Féin spokesperson has said today that government policy is failing to deliver anything for people in need of housing. He made his comments during a speech on the Housing (Amendment) Bill 2013 in the Dáil.

Deputy Ellis continued;

“We have waited so long for a Housing Bill from this government. Over two years now housing remains a major problem in this state. It is a problem which this government has failed to tackle, allowing need to grow, rents to rise, conditions to deteriorate and savvy landlords to make profit in the absence of public provision.

“This government has failed tenants, homeowners and those seeking a home and this Bill will do nothing to change that.

“This government, like the last one, have pursued the old policy of depletion of the public housing stock, the over burdening of the voluntary sector and the drive to subsidise private landlords and developers to provide often below standard housing at a very high price.

“Dublin and it is probably not alone in this regard is going back to the days of the slum and the slum landlord. This is not 1913, in this day and age these conditions will not be accepted.

“The government cannot get away from the fact that the private sector doesn’t want to and cannot provide the housing needed.”


About Dessie Ellis

Dessie Ellis TD is a full time public representative for the Constituency of Dublin North West. He is the Sinn Féin National spokesperson on Housing. Dessie is a member of the Oireachtas Communications and Transport Committee and a member of the joint sub-committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport. Dessie has been selected by Sinn Féin alongside Cllr. Cathleen Carney Boud to contest the upcoming General elections.