Sinn Féin oppose water metering

Water Metering

Dessie Ellis TD Has said that the government is clearly committed to imposing water metering on households. There is no evidence that water metering works, unless of course this government wants to fatten up the water service and sell it off. The projected cost of the meter installation varies from €500m to €1.5billion. This money would be much better invested in water conservation and upgrading the water supply system. Despite 36% of our water being lost through leakage, capital investment in water is being cut from almost €435 million in 2011 to €331 million in 2012. It is a cut of nearly €200 million on the 2010 allocation, with more cuts planned until the budget

is reduced to €266 million in 2016.


Cllr Anthony Connaghan has said that Sinn Féin fully supports improving our water supply and that over the years we have constantly asked for upgrades to the water system as it antiquated pipes were just not up to standard. Water is a resource that we all need and is a basic human right. The Government need to tackle the Banking Crisis head on with creative alternative thinking instead of trying to drain every cent out of people’s pockets with more and more stealth taxes in order to pay a debt which is not ours in the first place.