Taoiseach’s Questions 12/02/2019

I took Taoiseach’s Questions yesterday. I put three questions to the Taoiseach firstly on the North East Inner City Initiative, then on the discriminatory practices against returning emigrants such as exhorbitant car insurance quotes and finally on Brexit. I would like to include the Taoiseach response and I would have if he had said anything of substance or interest…….

Speaking in the Dáil in support of Nurses and Midwives.

I spoke in support of Nurses and Midwives in the Dáil today. Our nurses and midwives do an incredible job. They deserve a living wage not a struggling one.

Labour getting called out on their hypocrisy

Labour’s private member’s bill wants a fair start for every child….pity they didn’t give a generation of children a fair start when they were in government.
I reminded them last night that they brought in some of the most vicious cuts against the young, single mothers, the elderly and the most vulnerable.
They think we have all forgotten their shameful record in government. They got a surprise last night when I reminded them of it.
Of course Fianna Fáil sat meekly by and said nothing. But then they have nothing to shout about either.

Impact of overspend on Children’s Hospital on the Finglas Primary Care Centre.

I asked the Minister for Finance if the scandalous overspend on the Children’s Hospital will impact on the building of the new Primary Care Centre in Finglas.

Oireachtas Housing Committee Discussing Affordable Housing.

Attending the Oireachtas Housing Committee discussing affordable housing with invited experts.


Speaking on the scandal in which thousands of offences carried out by juveniles went unprosecuted.

Juvenile crime and Anti-social activity can be a source of great annoyance, stress, disruption and harm to communities. It impacts greatly on families and the elderly and holds our communities to virtual ransom. The Mininster for Justice and the Garda Comissioner need to take action on both the system and human failures that are responsible for this latest scandal.


Sinn Féin No Consent No Sale Bill

Sinn Féin’s No Consent No Sale Bill seeks to put a halt to the march of the vultures and empower borrowers, whether in arrears or not, to take control of their financial future. It will stop banks and others such as the Permenant TSB from selling off loans to unaccountable, often unregulated vulture funds.

Anti Eviction Bill

I spoke last night on the Anti-eviction bill which would give tenants greater protection and greater security of tenure by preventing landlords evicting tenants on grounds of selling a property.
Tenants would be compensated if a landlord moved a family member into the house or flat.
Tenants also can’t be evicted on the grounds of renovating a building.
These are all sensible and reasonable protections.
This bill went before the Dáil last year Fianna Fáil abstained in the vote and Fine Gael voted against it. This was a missed opportunity. Let’s not make that mistake again.

Grafton Language School sudden closure

I raised in the Dáil with the Minister for Education the sudden liquidation of Grafton College which has left more than 20 members of the teaching staff i without a job and owed a month’s wages as we approach the Christmas period.
The sudden closure of such schools without regard for the staff clearly illustrates the nature of precarious employment and the lack of regulation in this sector.

I am delighted that the Minister has acceded to my request to meet with the affected staff.




Statement on Fianna Fáil and the Government opposing Sinn Féin Quad and Scramblers Bill

Fianna Fáil and government refuse to back Sinn Féin bill regulating scramblers and quad bikes on green areas.

Sinn Féin TD For Dublin North West Dessie Ellis has expressed his disappointment that a bill he had  co-sponsored with Sinn Féin TD Imedla Munster to amend road traffic legislation to regulate quad bikes and scramblers has been opposed by both the government and their partners in government Fianna Fáil.

Deputy Ellis said:

“I am very disappointed that the bill myself and Deputy Imelda Munster on amending the road traffic act to regulate quad bikes and scramblers has been opposed by both the government and their partners Fianna Fáil.”

“I am angry that after a lot of work over years on this burning issue that the first real chance we have had as legislators to regulate these vehicles has been shot down by both the government and Fianna Fáil.”

“I have to question the support that public representatives from both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have given me on this issue when it is has been raised at a local level.  These same representatives are now opposing the bill I have brought forward in the Dáil which would end the torment and fear people have in their communities caused by the irresponsible and anti-social activity of those who ride without care or caution their quads and scramblers in public park and through housing estates.”

“By opposing this bill the only winners are those engaging in anti-social activity.  The losers are the community, the elderly, families with children and all who use their local parks and amenities.”

“This is a lost opportunity to give respite and for those who are being terrorized in their local areas by these quads and scramblers.”

“Fatalities and injuries will continue because of these anti-social activities.”

“Families will continue to be fearful of taking their children to the local park.”

“We have put forward a solution and Fianna Fáil and the government have rejected it.”

“Fianna Fáil and the government have offered no solutions to this problem.”

“They should be condemned for their inaction and callous rejection of a bill which would end the scourge of these quads and scramblers and give public parks and spaces back to the community.”