Sinn Féin Quads and Scramblers Bill opposed by Fianna Fáil and the Governement

Angry and Disappointed that Fianna Fáil and the Government opposed Sinn Féin’s Bill to Regulate Quads and Scramblers. The winners are those engaging in anti-social activity, the losers are the elderly, families and all those who use their local parks and amenities.
Fianna Fáil and the Government in opposing this bill which will help end the scourge of Quads and Scramblers have themselves offered no solutions to this burning issue.
This issue is too important to be playing party politics with it.

Sinn Féin Quads and Scramblers Bill

Sinn Féin PMB aims to give Gardaí the power to seize quad bikes and scramblers

Sinn Féin's Transport spokesperson Imelda Munster TD and Dublin North West TD Dessie Ellis, will today bring forward an amendment to the Road Traffic Acts 1961 to 2016 to give Gardaí the power to seize and detain quad bikes and scramblers when being used unlawfully and to provide for related matters.

Posted by Sinn Féin Ireland on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Permanent TSB selling mortgages to vulture funds.

This government is complicit in the sale of mortgages from Permanent TSB to vulture funds.  75%  of PTSB is owned by the state.  Sinn Féin was opposed to this sale and we called on the government to stop it.  PTSB was bailed out by taxpayers’ money to the tune of 4 billion euro.

Permanent TSB being 75% state owned as well as bailed out by the state should not use Vulture Funds to evade its responsibility to these people and nor should the government as its primary shareholder.

Permanent TSB could have looked to the local authorities to put in place a buy to rent scheme as a solution.  It is clear the Minister and this governement are washing their hands of this issue and see the sale of mortgages as a done deal.




Motion of No Confidence in Housing Minister

Fianna Fáil has no credibility on the housing and homeless crisis. They were the architects of the crisis and are now complicit in this governement’s and housing Minister Eoghan Murphy’s failed policies. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are creating a lost generation through the governement’s failed housing policies and Fianna Fáil’s sycophantic support of them. Fianna Fáil cares so little about people that their leader Michael Martin didn’t even bother to turn up for this important debate.

Asking when will legislation be brought in for the regulation of Rickshaws.

I spoke on promised legislation this morning in the Dáil asking when will legislation be brought in for the regulation of Rickshaws.

Bus Connects Public Meeting Jolly Toper Thursday 20th Sept 7.30

Myself and Cllr Anthony Connaghan will be hosting a public meeting on the proposals for Bus Connects. I will have attended a special consultation for public representatives that afternoon and I hope to bring back to the meeting answers to questions and issues I have identified or have been raised with myself and Anthony. Bus Connects is an important development for your community and you should have as much information as possible relating to its implications for you and your family and your community. I would urge you to attend to remain updated on current developments and to raise any concerns you have with myself or Anthony. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Speaking in the Dáil on the National Drugs and Alcohol Strategy.

As Sinn Féin spokesperson on Drugs and Alcohol misuse I spoke in the Dáil on the governements National Drugs Strategy, Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery. The strategy has many good aspirations and goals but unfortunately lacks the funding and resources to implement them. I told the minister that more funding needs to be given to Drugs and Alcohol tasks forces if the governement wants this strategy to work.

Sinn Féin PMB on hospital waiting lists.

I spoke Sinn Féin’s PMB in the Dáil this week on the scandal of hospital waiting lists. The number of people on hospital waiting lists is the highest since records began. Another way this governement has failed us.

I raised the Impact of the Papal visit on the homeless in the Dáil this week.

I flagged up in the Dáil yesterday the impact the Papal visit will have on those who are homeless or are self accommodating and are living in hotels and B&Bs. 763 families are currently in this position. It has been the case that in the past that such families are put out of the hotels and B&Bs when major events take place in Dublin City so that there rooms can be let for exhorbitant prices. I asked the Minister to ensure that homeless families will not suffer as a consequence of the forthcoming papal visit.

Supporting the Dublin Firebrigade Ambulance Services.

Speaking in support of the Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance services last night in the Dáil. I have been supporting the DFB on retaining the ambulance services as a councillor even before I was a TD.