Speaking in the Dáil on the National Drugs and Alcohol Strategy.

As Sinn Féin spokesperson on Drugs and Alcohol misuse I spoke in the Dáil on the governements National Drugs Strategy, Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery. The strategy has many good aspirations and goals but unfortunately lacks the funding and resources to implement them. I told the minister that more funding needs to be given to Drugs and Alcohol tasks forces if the governement wants this strategy to work.

Sinn Féin PMB on hospital waiting lists.

I spoke Sinn Féin’s PMB in the Dáil this week on the scandal of hospital waiting lists. The number of people on hospital waiting lists is the highest since records began. Another way this governement has failed us.

I raised the Impact of the Papal visit on the homeless in the Dáil this week.

I flagged up in the Dáil yesterday the impact the Papal visit will have on those who are homeless or are self accommodating and are living in hotels and B&Bs. 763 families are currently in this position. It has been the case that in the past that such families are put out of the hotels and B&Bs when major events take place in Dublin City so that there rooms can be let for exhorbitant prices. I asked the Minister to ensure that homeless families will not suffer as a consequence of the forthcoming papal visit.

Supporting the Dublin Firebrigade Ambulance Services.

Speaking in support of the Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance services last night in the Dáil. I have been supporting the DFB on retaining the ambulance services as a councillor even before I was a TD.

Speaking in the Dáil about the under threat Ballymun Breakfast Clubs.

Electoral Register Reform

I raised the issue of reform of the Electoral Register under promised legislation today. We need a better system for putting people on the register than the one that exists at the moment.

Residential Tenancies

Tenants need greater security of tenure and rent certainty.

Student Tenancies.

Last night I spoke on the Sinn Féin Bill which aims to halt the student rents shakedown by giving students in student specific accommodation the protection of the Residential Tenancies Act including access to the Residential Tenancies Board and inclusion in the rent pressure zones. Students in DCU did ‘Sleep Outs’ last April to highlight the outrageous hikes in student rental accommodation. This Bill addresses their concerns.

Speaking at the Transport Committee on Metro North proposals

I spoke at the Oireachtas Transport Committee yesterday on the impact the construction of Metro North will have on local communities,schools, clubs and residents and particularly in relation to the devasting effect it will have on clubs like Na Fianna and Home Farm if their grounds are used to store heavy boring equipment or work is commenced from there. The clubs, schools and residents made impassioned and thoughtful presentations to the committee. I hope the NTA and the TII have taken on board all these views and my suggestion to look at alternative locations for the commencement of work and the storing of equipment. Lets hope they have got the message that their current proposal is not acceptable and is unworkable.

Raising concerns in the Dáil on the impact the Metro North project will have on CLG Na Fianna, Home Farm football club and local schools and communities.

Today in the Dáil I told the Minister for Transport Deputy Ross that the proposal that the grounds and lands associated with Na Fianna GAA club and Home Farm football club on Mobhi Road, will be a staging post for the underground boring machinery and other works associated with this project is a totally unacceptable and a non-viable proposal. I have suggested to the minister today that the virgin lands north of Ballymun is a more reasonable proposal for the storing of this heavy boring equipment and where the works for the Metro North could be commenced from.

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald also raised the issue with the Minister. See his response to our concerns and the concerns of the Clubs, residents and the local community.