John Lyons claim on job figures don’t add up

Sinn Féin councillor and general election candidate for Dublin North West Cathleen Carney Boud has criticised John Lyons’ statement regarding jobs, which she believes demonstrates that once again the Labour Party is being the master of deceit.

Cllr Carney Boud said:

“Labour’s job figures don’t add up for two reasons.

Firstly it’s projections for investment in jobs are based on their projections of the fiscal space which has already proven to be wrong.

Secondly Labour are masters of massaging the unemployment figures which don’t show the true picture. When we deduct the amount of people on fruitless job activation schemes such as JobBridge and CE schemes the real figure of unemployment is 18%.”

Cllr Carney Boud continued:

“John Lyons claims that Labour has “been creating good quality jobs”.

“Tell that to those on zero or 20 hour contracts at minimum wage.

Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of young people who have emigrated in search of a better life.

Tell that to those who have been forced in to the slave labour of JobBridge and gateway schemes.

John Lyons should get out and talk to the people in his own constituency and get in touch with reality.”

Dublin North West Candidates Launch Election Campaign

Dessie Ellis TD and candidate Cllr Cathleen Carney Boud have launched their election campaign in Dublin North West. Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald launched the campaign at the Maples Hotel in Drumcondra, calling on all supporters to work to elect Ellis and Carney Boud, who are “the finest candidates a constituency could hope for”.

Both election candidates spoke of their experiences working for the people of Dublin North West to deliver, both at Dáil and city council level. Carney Boud told a packed room that Sinn Féin is ready to be the change desperately needed by so many people nationwide.

“The time has come for change. We need a new type of politics with transparency, credibility and integrity at its core. I believe through anger, people of this country have mobilised as we have seen with the Right 2 Water campaign. This ignites fear in the Establishment as they clamour to discredit any alternative to their socially destructive policies.”

Dessie Ellis spoke of the chaos created by Fine Gael and Labour, compounded with ever growing inequality:

Electing myself and Cllr Cathleen Carney to the Dáil will send a clear message that Dublin North West does not accept austerity and inequality. It would be a historic success that would go a long way to securing a progressive government for the people of Ireland. It would be a major step to create a government in line with the Right 2 Change principles that would abolish Irish Water and invest in providing for the needs of ordinary people building 100,000 social and affordable homes by 2030 and working to establish free universal healthcare.”

Ellis and Carney Boud discussed Sinn Féin’s policy alternatives which would deliver much needed public services, including 100,000 social and affordable homes by 2030 and working to establish free universal healthcare. All which would be delivered through progressive taxation.

“We as a people, as a country, must look to the vision that was set out in the proclamation. A vision of equality that seeks to cherish all of the children of the nation equally.” said Carney Boud.

“This vision has faded away through years of domination by incompetent, corrupt and careerist politicians who strive to protect only the rich”.