SEAI update on Grants

Below is an update from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland regarding their progress in 2015. Relevant information about SEAI’s grants and programmes can be found below. More information is avaibale on their website

2015 was an excellent year for the Better Energy Programme with 22,000 homeowners making their homes more energy efficientwith the support of SEAI. To date the organisation has helped upgrade over 335,000 homes nationwide.

Better Energy Homes Programme
In 2015, grants awarded as part of the Better Energy Homes Programme increased sharply to 44%. In total 12,300 homes were granted funds to upgrade their homes. This is an increase of 23% over 2014.

In 2016 SEAI intend to support 13,700 homeowners in undertaking energy efficiency upgrades to their homes. Their strategy will focus on three arguments:

  • Making your home warmer and more comfortable
  • Cutting your heating bills by up to 50% and
  • Increasing the value of your home.

Better Energy Warmer Homes Programme
In 2015 this scheme which is free to Homeowners delivered services to 6,867 homes. This free service is delivered to the most vulnerable citizens in our society. Applications for this scheme continue to rise and will be met with an increased budget for 2016. Delivery times have significantly reduced from 9 months in 2014 to less than 6 months in 2015. Further information is available HERE.

Better Energy Communities Programme
This Programme delivers energy savings through partnerships between homeowners, County Councils, private sector businesses, educational institutions, other community groups and energy suppliers. In 2015 33 of successful projects received over €15M in support from SEAI and upgrade works were delivered throughout Ireland, achieving over 60 gigawatt hours of savings. Further information on SEAI’s 2016 programme is available HERE.

Building Energy Rating (BER) Programme:
The number of BERs published since its introduction in 2007 has successfully reached over 600,000 BERs and provides a valuable database of energy performance for homes in Ireland. For further information please refer to:  Click here for most recent CSO publication including information on BER by county.

Accelerated Capital Allowance Programme:
This is a programme for business owners. The Accelerated Capital Allowance programme is a tax incentive to encourage business of all sizes to invest in energy saving technology. For further information please refer to


Spring Board now taking course applications for 2016, further information available here

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Sinn Féin housing policy would ensure fairness

SINN FÉIN IN GOVERNMENT would ensure a fair rental system for tenants by regulating the market as detailed in our comprehensive policy document Better4Housing, outlining our vision for a better housing system. Inaddition to arange of measures to tackle housing need and a major investment package for social and affordable housing, Sinn Féin would ensure that fairness was the cornerstone of the Irish rental market with strong protections for tenants and regulations to tackle spiralling rents.

A dramatically increased housing supply will bring down rents and give tenants choice but regulations can be delivered right now which would ease the hardship lumped on the many thousands of renters with unaffordable rent rates.

Sinn Féin would introduce real rent certainty through limits on the potential for future increases by index linking rents to the Consumer Price Index. This would help many tenants who may welcome the delay in rent reviews the government has sought but still fear a large hike in rents when a review happens. It will also stop landlords from implementing large increases in rent between tenancies which the government plans do not address.

For many tenants though, their rent has already exceeded what they can afford. This is why we would empower Local Authorities and the PRTB to set standard local rates which landlords could not exceed.

Sinn Féin would provide greater security of tenure for tenants so they cannot be so easily evicted if a landlord feels he can get higher rent levels with another tenant. Too many landlords in recent years have used false claims of renovations or plans to sell to remove tenants, only to re-let the property for a higher rate of rent. All of these measures in conjunction with major investment in the construction, acquisition and refurbishment of social and affordable housing will see a fairer, more stable housing system which meets the needs of everyone.

Regarding modular housing, we recognise the need for immediate interventions to provide additional emergency accommodation. All options should be looked at to increase capacity while real housing is brought into use but real housing should always be the priority. Even in the emergency situation we have, we must act sensibly.

Modular units have a use but the government’s plan is not good enough. In Ballymun we have temporary units being put in place which cost as much as €70,000 more than it would cost to buy a house in the local area which would serve as a permanent home for a family. If we can place homeless families in permanent housing right now for a similar cost, then we should be prioritising that approach.