Senior Citizens Events organised as part of the Finglas Safety Week

Just a quick reminder about our senior citizens events which has been organised as part of Finglas Community Safety Week which is taking place this week.

Thursday 27th September

Senior Citizens Safety Talk at 2pm in Mellowes Court.

Friday 28thSeptember

Senior Citizens Bingo at 8pm in Finglas Celtic Football Club, Kilshane Road.

Sunday 30th September

Finglas Memories at 2pm in the Finglas Youth Resource Centre

Finglas Historical Society, Dublin Fire Service and An Garda Síochána will be in attendance to provide advice and information.


Booking Essential For this event – please contact Ms Ciara Gibbons Tel: 0864115783

Please feel free to forward this email on to others or let senior citizens know that these events are on.


Kind Regards

Bank of Ireland Rate Increase heaps more pain on families – Ellis

Sinn Fein TD Dessie Ellis responding to news that Bank of Ireland has hiked its interest rate by half a percentage point said the move is guaranteed to push some mortgage owners over the edge, potentially taking people who are just meeting their mortgages into the volatile mortgage distress category.

Ellis said this is another example of banks using families as an easy target.
Deputy Ellis said:
“Early this morning, people began to receive letters from Bank of Ireland, with no prior warning, telling them their rate had increased by half a percentage point. On average the increase will add an extra €27 a month to a mortgage of €100,000 over 25 years.

“People are struggling out there. They are struggling because politicians, banks and property speculators sold this state down the river and left ordinary people to pick up the tab. We have thousands of people in mortgage distress and this size of increase is the thing that will push some people over the edge, from those who are just about meeting their mortgage to those who are in mortgage distress. If the banks want to push people to the point where they can’t pay any of their mortgage, they are going the right way about it.

“This Government has sat on its hands throughout this mortgage crisis, as the Moody’s report last week pointed out. Their reactions have been ineffectual and disproportionate to the size of the crisis.

“When the banks were in crisis, this Government and Fianna Fáil found the €64 billion needed to bail them out. When citizens are in crisis, the Government holds up its hands and says it can do nothing.

“It puts the demands of international bank bondholders over the needs and rights of ordinary Irish citizens. It’s inability to make banks understand their debt to the Irish people is the Government’s biggest failure to date.

“The ECB is lending at .75% and yet Bank of Ireland told customers today that the cost of lending had gone up. We need the Government to intervene with the banks on interest hikes.”

Route 83

Dublin Bus is pleased to announce changes to Route 83, benefiting
the residents of Tolka Estate and Glasnevin. These changes follow
consultation in the community with key stakeholder groups.
Key changes are as follows:
• Route 83 will operate via Tolka Estate at hourly intervals, every day.
• Morning peak times will be adjusted to better meet the needs of peak
time commuters.
• On Sundays Route 83 will terminate at Charlestown Shopping Centre, no
longer serving Harristown.
These changes will better meet the needs of the community and will ensure
that Route 83 operates in an efficient and effective manner.
Please note there is no change to any other areas served by Route 83.
Please see Route 83 timetable overleaf.
These changes are part of Network Direct, a redesign of bus services in
Dublin City to provide a more direct, high frequency and punctual service.
Thank you for travelling with Dublin Bus

Bin It! education campaign coming to Ballymun next week

The Gum Litter Taskforce Bin It! education campaign schedule will visit Trinity Comprehensive School, Ballymun Road on 24th Sept 2012 at 1.30pm.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite your to attend the workshop

If you are in a position to attend please email : Liam O’Doherty at

Supporting youth participation in Finglas

Please find enclosed details of the ‘Supporting Youth Participation’ in Finglas Workshop which is taking place on Tuesday 25th September at 7pm in Dublin City Council offices as part of Finglas Community Safety Week.

If you have any queries regarding this event, please contact Mr Tim Stewart, Tel: 08 602 47083.

A workshop facilitated by ‘The Barnardos Amplifying Voices Initiative’

Exploring the roles adults, agencies and community representatives play in supporting youth participation.

· Are young people interested in our community?

· Are young people responsible for the issues affecting our community?

· How do we get young people more involved in the conversations that are taking place in our community?

· Where do young people go to be heard in our community?

· Are young people part of the solution to some of the community issues?

Come along to this workshop and explore how we can all play a role in making Finglas a place where both young and older people work together to identify issues and affect positive change.

The Barnardos Amplifying Voices Initiative is a community based project for 10 – 15yr olds. It is for young people living in or accessing services across all areas of Finglas. It aims to support young people to explore matters that are important to them, express their views and to work in partnership with decision makers to create positive change or influence the decisions on those issues. Amplifying Voices will work in partnership with existing local services to support young people in finding and using their voice to be change makers in their community.

Parent Plus ‘Parenting When Separated Programme’

Parenting when separated can be challenging and confusing. This course hopes to help you:
• Solve co-parenting problems in a positive way that helps you and your child.
• Cope with the emotional impact of separation and learn stress management techniques.
• Help your children cope with the impact of the separation both emotionally and practically.
• Enhance communication with your child and your child’s other parent.

The “Parenting When Separated” course does not propose to find magic answers but hopes to help parents to gain the support of other parents who may have similar experiences and to find down-to-earth solutions for difficult situations. The focus of the course is positive and aims to build on your strengths as a parent and what you are already doing right.

Who should attend
The course is open to all separated parents. Both mothers and fathers, resident and non-resident parents are welcome to attend this course. Both parents of the same child are welcome to attend this course together if they both feel it would be suitable, but this is not essential and parents can choose to attend separate groups. We will meet all parents for an individual screening meeting prior to the group starting.

Course details
The course will begin in November and it consists of six two-hour group sessions held in the Axis Main Street Ballymun.

If you are interested in attending the course please ring CAFTA 8832134 / 8832159 as soon as possible and we will offer you a short meeting to explore whether the group is suitable for you.

Harsher penalties good for road safety but proper resources for Gardaí essential – Ellis

Sinn Fein spokesperson on Transport Dessie Ellis TD today spoke on how new penalty points targeting more dangerous offences will be policed and how road safety standards will be maintain in the coming years. He made his comments, at the Oireachtas Committee on Transport, in light of serious cuts to Garda resources which are essential in making our roads safe.
Deputy Ellis continued;
“Speeding, mobile phone use and not displaying L-plates or driving unaccompanied are serious threats to the safety of other road users and pedestrians. We need to review the points system to ensure that these acts are heavily discouraged and I welcome this.”
“The problem comes in policing. Our roads are not just safer because of a system of points it is because of the diligent and dedicated work of an Gardaí who are tasked with ensuring the law is obeyed on the road everyday.”
“It is difficult to see how an Gardaí can implement these points when they have been savagely cut by this government. ”
“We are seeing stations close or shut their doors earlier and cuts across the board which seriously draws into question whether these points will be anything more than window dressing.”
“There is also the matter of education. Nearly 800,000 people have points on their licence in the state. Some of these are reckless disrespectful drivers who need to be discouraged to act in this manner or put off the road. Some though are simply bad drivers due to failing of the testing system and an absolute lack of any education on driving outside of private driving schools which while in many cases excellent are out of too many prospective drivers’ reach due to cost”

Ellis calls for release of Marian Price

September 15, 2012

Speaking after a demonstration in Dublin today to demand the release of Marian Price, Sinn Féin TD for Dublin North West, Dessie Ellis called on the new British secretary of state for the North to act on her case and those of Martin Corey and Gerry McGeough. “The wrongful imprisonment of Marian Price, Martin Corey and Gerry McGeough continues to cause serious concern, particularly so as Marian Price is not well. “These citizens are entitled to due process which they have been denied. They should be released and the North’s deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness, is raising these with the new British Secretary of State.” Sinn Féin continues to be proactive on these prisoners and is in contact with Marian Price’s legal team. Sinn Féin’s Raymond McCartney and Jennifer McCann have made representation to Marian Price’s parole board and also met the US consul regarding her case. The party will continue to do all it can to secure the release of these prisoners. ends

Finglas Community Safety Week – 24th to 30th September‏

Finglas Community Safety Week 2012

Monday 24th September

Finglas Fire Station Open Day

Venue:  Finglas Fire Station

Time:  11am and 3.30pm

Numbers limited.  Booking is essential; please contact Ms Ciara Gibbons Tel:  0864115783


Prescription and over the counter drugs, safety in the home information session

Venue:  FAST, Wellmount Road, Finglas

Time:  7pm

For further information, please contact Finglas Cabra Local Drugs Task Force Tel: 01 8307440



Tuesday 25th September

Safety Treasure Hunt

Venue:  Finglas Library

Time:  3.15pm

Booking essential; please contact Finglas Library on 01 8344906


Supporting Youth Participation in Finglas

A workshop facilitated by ‘The Barnardos Amplifying Voices Initiative’

Venue:  Dublin City Council Offices, Mellowes Road, Finglas

Time:  7pm

For further information, please contact Tim Stewart on Tel: 0860247083



Wednesday 26th September

Open Day at Finglas Garda Station

Time:  10am to 3pm

Venue:   Finglas Garda Station

Everyone Welcome!


Finglas Safety Forum Meeting

Venue:  Finglas Garda Station

Time:  7.30pm

For further information, please contact Ms Ciara Gibbons Tel:  0864115783



Thursday 27th September

Senior Citizens Safety Talk

Venue:  Mellowes Court

Time:  2pm

Movie Night

Venue:  The Den Youth Services

Times:  5.30 -7.00 ages are 12-13

7.30 – 9.00 ages are 14-15

9.30-11.00 ages are 16 and over


Retail Crime Prevention Information

Venue:  Finglas Garda Station

Time:  6pm


Soccer Tournament

Venue:  Finglas Celtic FC

Time:  8pm

For further information, please contact Derek at The Den Youth Services on Tel:  01 834 1436



Friday 28th September

An Garda Síochána Schools GAA Tournament

Venue:  Erin’s Isle

Time:  10am


Safety Talk

Venue:  Avilla Park

Time:  4pm


Senior Citizens Bingo

Venue:  Finglas Celtic Football Club, Cardiffsbridge Road

Time:  8pm

Bingo in Finglas Celtic FC Hall every Friday.  All Welcome!



Saturday 29th September

Safer Finglas for Young People

Venue:  Finglas Youth Resource Centre, Finglas

Time:  2.30pm to 4.30pm



Sunday 30th September

Finglas Memories

Finglas Historical Society, Dublin Fire Service and An Garda Síochána will be in attendance to provide advice and information.

Venue:  Finglas Youth Resource Centre

Time:  2pm to 4.30pm

Booking is essential; please contact Ms Ciara Gibbons Tel:  0864115783



For further information on any of these events, please contact Ms Ciara Gibbons

Tel:  0864115783

Ellis calls on An Post to reconsider closure of Santry Post Office


Sinn Féin TD for Dublin North West has called on An Post and the Minister for Communications to reconsider the closure of the Santry Post Office. He asked that the large increase in population in the area over the last decade and the employment and services the office provided would not be overlooked. The deputy continued “I have written to An Post and submitted a Parliamentary Question on the closure. As a result of the closure of Santry Post office and the transfer of all transactions to Omni Post Office. This has been a huge blow to the people of Santry and its surrounding areas. There are many people living in these areas for many years and most of whom have availed of these local facilities all their lives. From an economic point of view this makes no sense as the footfall into Santry Post Office has always been very high to such an extent that 3 people were employed full time and 2 part-time. Cllr Anthony Connaghan a cosigner of the letter to An Post also commented; “As public representatives for the locality, the loss of these jobs and the impact on the lives of the customers who are almost all local residents is of major concern to us. If the location of the Post Office which has been in existence for nearly 90 years is a problem, there are other locations nearby which could be put to use. It is also important to point out the record of Santry Post Office has been second to none from a security point of view. New Estates have been built along Santry Avenue, in Santry Woods and along the Swords Road over the last number of years increasing the local population by thousands. Other more established estates such as Royal Oak, Santry Close, Santry Park, Oak Park, Turnapin, Magenta and others including a large business community and senior citizens complexes such as Domville now find themselves marginalised and having to travel a longer, unnecessary distance to access Postal Facilities in the Omni Shopping Centre. We, once again, appeal for a review of the decision and to re-open this badly needed facility in the locality and I strongly support the demands of the local people of the area,”