Numbers 14 to 17 Moore St. – the place where the Republican forces made their last stand before they surrendered at the end of Easter Week 1916 – are in a disgraceful state. Even though this block of buildings has been declared a National Monument it is still under threat either from total dereliction or demolition to make way for a shopping centre.


Sinn Féin has long argued for the creation of an historical Quarter – a 1916 Revolutionary Quarter – in the part of the city taking in the GPO, Henry St. and Moore St. and the surrounding area. The Government needs to move on from the totally ill-conceived plan for a massive shopping centre has no place in the city centre and certainly no place in Moore St.


The Minister Jimmy Deenihan has the power to prevent the demolition of the site. He  needs to do this. In a recent debate on a Sinn Fein motion in the Dáil called on the Minister to intervene and stressed the importance of the 1916 rising in Irish history and the importance of preserving the site for future generations.


“The 1916 Rising encapsulates a very important part of my Irishness. I am lucky in having a very real link to these great people as a grandson of two veterans who fought that noble fight. I will never forget the stories that struck me as a child and remain with me. Young people today do not have this great resource.”


The dereliction of this National Monument is a disgrace. What state is it going to be in by 2016 if nothing is done? We believe that if the State and the City Council invest in this area they will get a return many times that investment in terms of tourism development in the area.

the centenary of the Easter Rising in 2016.


Dessie Ellis T.D and Cllr Anthony Connaghan are of the opinion that successive Governments

have tried to ignore the connection the men and women of 1916 had with the foundation of

the State. All 3 of the main establishment parties claim connection to 1916 but choose to do nothing about one of the most famous of all our historical sites where Padraig Pearse signed the surrender “in order to prevent further slaughter of the civil population”. What are the Government afraid of? That maybe people might look into this period more thoroughly and possibly read the Proclamation

and see what the valiant Men and Women died for?


“The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past.”Is the Government living up to the expectations of the Seven Signatories of the Proclamation or the thousands more who sacriced so much for Ireland? When you think of what is happening to the country at the moment can the Government honestly think when they read the Irish Proclamation?



”Cllr Anthony Connaghan would like to highly recommend the ‘Dublin 1916 Rebel

Walking Tour’ which runs from the Sinn Féin bookshop on Parnell Square

from Tuesdays to Saturdays at 11:30am.

Finglas Flooding

We are all aware of the damage that has been done to people’s homes, property and businesses over the last few years because of flooding. Many areas in Finglas were hit badly in recent months by the deluge. Dublin City Council advised people that the flooding in 2009 was a once in a 100 year event and people shouldn’t worry too much. They were wrong. It took only 3 years for a similar situation to occur and many people suffered terribly due to the heavy rainfall.

Dessie Ellis T.D. and Cllr Anthony Connaghan have met with many people who have been affected by the floods and have actively campaigned for more stringent measures to be put in place to

ensure that people in the area aren’t affected as badly as they have been recently. Dublin City Council has introduced measures that have been broadly welcomed by local residents but there is lots more work that needs to be done. DCC has plans to build a swale in the Ballygall area which would hold rainwater during times of heavy rain and would then slowly let the excess rain drain back into the system over time. We will continue to campaign on peoples behalf but would advise residents to have a plan B for themselves. In case of Emergency please ring DCC on 01-6796186

Rent Supplement

Sinn Fein Housing spokesperson Dessie Ellis has branded as a disgrace the cuts Fine Gael and Labour have introduced in the rent supplement. “The cutting of this payment has only resulted in piling more hurt and stress on people who are already struggling.


“The reality is that local authority housing stock is grossly insufficient to meet the scale of the housing need that exists.”


“The rent supplement payment was designed to be paid only to those people who cannot afford accommodation and secondly the local authority housing stock is grossly insufficient to meet the scale of housing need that exists.


“Instead of implementing cuts to rent supplement which impoverish families on the brink of homelessness, the minister should be looking at alternatives to the Housing problem.


“NAMA and other vacant properties must be used to increase the local authorities housing stock. This costs money upfront but the resulting savings on rent supplement and revenues raised through differential rents would be worth it. Concluded Deputy Ellis”

Age Friendly Taste of DCU Day 13th September‏

As part of our commitment to being an Age-Friendly University, DCU is running a one-day programme, A Taste of DCU, specifically designed for older adults. Our intention is to give participants a taste of the range and breadth of courses we offer, as well as providing an opportunity to visit the campus and meet with DCU staff and students. The programme will be delivered by leading experts in their respective fields and will be aimed at a general, non-specialist audience.


Participants will experience a diversity of academic, sports, cultural and social activities. The day will conclude with a reception in the Helix at 4.00pm. Participants will be provided with guidance and information on programmes and activities commencing in October 2012.


The event is free of charge for all participants. The detailed programme is attached.


For further information please see the link attached. We welcome you to bring this event to the attention of family members and friends.





Dr Trudy Corrigan

Deputy Chair/ DCU Age Friendly Group

(on behalf of the DCU Age Friendly Group)

School of Education Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dublin City University

Finglas Safety Forum

Forum Meetings

Finglas Safety Forum has 3 geographical fora areas – Finglas South, Finglas West and Finglas East. Meetings are held every 2 months for each area. The next round of meetings will take place as follows:


Finglas West – Monday 10th September at 7.30pm in Finglas Celtic Football Club Hall, Finglas

Finglas South – Monday 8th October at 7.15pm in St Helena’s House, Finglas

Finglas East – Monday 15th October at 7.30pm in St Canice’s Boys School, Finglas

These meetings are open to everyone!

For further information, please contact Ciara Gibbons, Finglas Safety Forum Co – ordinator email:

Amusement arcade objection

The following planning application has been lodged Area 4-North West.  Application Number: 3032/12 Location.  11, Main Street, Finglas, Dublin 11. Proposal:  For the change of use of the ground floor area from retail use to use as an internet cafe/amusement arcade.
Dessie Ellis, Sinn Fein TD, 50 Main Street, Finglas, Dublin 11. last week lodged an objection to the change of use to an amusement arcade, In the objection Dessie outlined the nature of the remaining services  in Main Street Finglas, the decimation of the Village due to the opening of Charlestown Shopping Centre and the resulting closure of a number of retail units.  The existing services are used primarily by older members of the community who rely on public transport and the addition of an amusement arcade will add nothing to the village.  

Woodhazel Residents fear for the safety of their Children

Woodhazel Residents in Ballymun fear for the safety of their children if BRL push ahead with plans to build a road through Coultry Park and Woodhazel.  The narrow road is already causing trouble for residents especially when there is an event taking place in Coultry Park.  Residents have committed to fight tooth and nails to ensure the works do not go ahead.  Local Sinn Féin Representative Noeleen Reilly said ‘it is about time the residents’ concerns were listened to.  The opening up of this road was in the original plans for Ballymun in 1995, but since then a number of other developments have not taken place.  If BRL go ahead an open up this road the residents will be sieged by Anti-Social elements as it will be become an escape route’.  A number of Local Residents wished to comment on the controversy.  Eugene Lynch ‘objects to the building of the road as it will be danger to children’.  Peter Hunt said’ I have my grandchildren visiting me; there is no way I could let them out if they open up the road.  It just wouldn’t be safe’.  Josephine Basnett also added ‘They don’t seem to care about the safety of the children or care about what the community want, They don’t live here, their children don’t play here and they haven’t been living on a building site for the past 25 years.’  Brl plan to have this as two way system and say there is enough room as well to park 1.5 cars either side.  This would be impossible and would certainly lead to accidents. Residents are open to negotiation; one suggestion would be instead of a road to build a path.  Negotiation means BRL would have to talk to the residents but they don’t seem to want to do that.  A petition by Residents was handed into BRL but has been responded to as of yet. END

Finglas Safety Week – Safe use and control of Prescription Drugs

Safe use and control of prescription and over the counter drugs in the home

Monday 24th September, 7pm

FAST centre, Wellmount Rd, Finglas

Community Safety week is being coordinated again this year by the Finglas Community Safety Forum. As part of the week an information evening has been organised by the Local Drug Task Force aimed at increasing community awareness about the safe use and control of prescription and over the counter drugs.

On the evening a local pharmacist will make a presentation on the safe use and control of prescription and over the counter drugs and will answer questions you may have on the subject.

This is a public event open to all living and working in Finglas.

Please pass this notice on to others who may be interested.


John Bennett
Finglas/Cabra Local Drug Task Force

Sinn Féin calls for positive action on Jobs Front

Figures released from the CSO for the first six months of the year show that unemployment in Ballymun has risen again since the same period last year. There was an average of 2,966 people on the live register in Ballymun in 2012 compared to 2788 for 2011. Sinn Féin Local Representative Noeleen Reilly has described the news as “alarming for the area” and called for

“concerted action by Government to reverse this trend.”

Ms Reilly said:

“Dublin Northwest is without doubt being neglected by the government.”

Ballymun has not only had their Regeneration budget slashed by €40 million recently but previously projects such as Metro North and The New Shopping Centre has also been shelved.

Dessie Ellis TD further added:

  • Sinn Féin is calling for a three year investment package in the region of €13 billion
  • This money would be focused on Infrastructure and new enterprises
  • The money would be sourced from the discretionary portfolio of the National Pension Reserve Fund matching funding from the European Investment Bank and an investment from the Private Pension sector
  • This fund would directly create in the region of 130,000 jobs over three years or an average of 40,000 jobs per year.

He further added ‘Something needs to be done about the level of unemployment in Ballymun.”

“There is a need for concerted action by Government to reverse this trend. Dublin North–West is at risk of returning to a 1980s cycle of long term inter-generational unemployment leading to greater levels of emigration and social deprivation.”

“There is a need for targeted measures to ensure that Ballymun is not left behind.

Scandal of 230,000 vacant homes during housing crisis

Sinn Féin spokesperson on housing Dessie Ellis TD has condemned as scandalous that 230,000 homes lie vacant across the state despite the fact that nearly 100,000 people are on housing waiting lists and 5,000 people are homeless.

He made his comments following the release of new figures on vacant housing published yesterday in The Roof Over Our Heads which is part of the CSO series of reports on the findings of Census 2011.

The deputy continued:

“The report found that despite such a great need for housing in the state no shortage exists. The report found 61,628 vacant apartments, up nearly 50% since 2006, and 168,427 vacant houses across the country. Dublin, which has the highest number of homeless people, has 16,321 empty apartments.”

“What is stopping people from being housed is the real lack of units available for them in public stock. Homelessness advocacy groups have called for a Housing First policy which has fallen on deaf ears with the government which is cutting spending on housing dramatically and shirking their responsibility. These vacant homes could in many circumstances be used to house people in the absence of a real investment in a social housing build but the government has failed to even make a considerable move on delivering the 2000 units promised from NAMA last year.”

“The government needs to wake up to the crisis in housing and to put in place a serious strategy to cut waiting lists and progress on their promise to end homelessness.”

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