Luas drivers must be rostered with safety in mind – Ellis

Dessie Ellis TD, Sinn Fein spokesperson on Transport has called on Luas operator Veolia to work with its employees to roster its driving staff with safe shift times. He made his comments in light of an expected ballot of Luas workers for industrial action this week.

The deputy continued;

“Luas Drivers are expected to vote on Industrial Action this week having rejected a Labour Court Recommendation. These drivers are asking for parity with other staff in jobs where safety is paramount and the alertness of workers is essential. Workers in similar fields recently received 23 extra rest days and maximum 8 hour shifts.

“Luas drivers currently work 9 hour shifts in what is a very stressful working environment with a need for caution and alertness.

“Veolia, who operate the Luas light rail claim they cannot afford to meet the 160+ drivers’ demands and have offered half the rest days (10) but will not reduce the shift times.

“This is not really good enough or even believable. Veolia have made a very large profit off the Luas operation and they cannot now say that safety is not worth this investment in their workers’ conditions.

“The nearly 80,000 people who use the Luas every day, spending around 45 million euros a year, deserve to be safe.”



Young Ballymun Annual Conference

An Action based strategy to child poverty.

Thursday 8th November 2012

Axis Centre Ballymun

Admission: Free









Other World Festival Ballymun

The Parade The Ballymun Festival Steering Group would like to invite you to participate in the Other World Festival Parade on Halloween Night 31st October 2012. The theme of the Parade this year is Dracula, Vampires and Bats and we are hoping that, as many individuals, groups and organisations will take part. Why not join in – get your friends, group or organisation to make a float, dress up in a scary costume, or carry a flag for your team! We are just waiting to hear any ideas you may have to make the Parade bigger and better. A show of strength will let everyone know that Ballymun has a vibirant community and voluntary sector! Contact: Fran – fmcveigh@ or Natasha –

Hampton Wood Estate Issues

A chairde.
I wish to make representations on behalf of the residents of Hampton Wood, many of whom have contacted me over the past two days in relation to ongoing issues in the estate including holes in the roads, sewerage problems, vandalised houses, and illegal dumping ( a matter I will bring to the attention of Dublin City Council). 
I am aware that the residents have been in contact with yourselves and forwarded you photos of dead rats, broken windows and holes in the road.   I would appreciate if this matter can be given serious attention as it is apparent to me that the estate is going into decline and the above mentioned issues have been outstanding for a number of months and only seem to be getting worse.  

Is mise le meas

Dessie Ellis, Teachta Dála Baile Átha Cliath Siar ó Thuaidh Guthán: (01) 618 3006 Riomh Phoist:

Sinn Féin oppose water metering

Water Metering

Dessie Ellis TD Has said that the government is clearly committed to imposing water metering on households. There is no evidence that water metering works, unless of course this government wants to fatten up the water service and sell it off. The projected cost of the meter installation varies from €500m to €1.5billion. This money would be much better invested in water conservation and upgrading the water supply system. Despite 36% of our water being lost through leakage, capital investment in water is being cut from almost €435 million in 2011 to €331 million in 2012. It is a cut of nearly €200 million on the 2010 allocation, with more cuts planned until the budget

is reduced to €266 million in 2016.


Cllr Anthony Connaghan has said that Sinn Féin fully supports improving our water supply and that over the years we have constantly asked for upgrades to the water system as it antiquated pipes were just not up to standard. Water is a resource that we all need and is a basic human right. The Government need to tackle the Banking Crisis head on with creative alternative thinking instead of trying to drain every cent out of people’s pockets with more and more stealth taxes in order to pay a debt which is not ours in the first place.

CE Schemes


Cllr Anthony Connaghan has criticised the decision of the Fine Gael/Labour Governments to introduce cuts to the community and voluntary sector. “This is yet another example of them not abandoning commitments they made while in opposition. The detrimental effect that cuts to community has in the long run are obvious to all in areas like Finglas. Many vital services and good

work will be hit by these cuts in areas such as Healthcare, Meals on Wheels, drug rehabilitation schemes etc.”

“ It is totally irresponsible to remove these services from the communities that need them most. We know that the money spent in these services actually saves the State money over time and by forcing these services to cease operation it will be the State that will need to step in and provide these services anyway. In 2008 the community sector was estimated to be worth €6.8 billion to the Irish Economy, three times the amount of State investment. These schemes play a crucial role in the creation and retention of jobs beacuase of the hugely beneficial training role of CE schemes in areas such as the provision of community childcare Given the current jobs crisis, and the infrastructure that has been built up over 20 years in the area the role of the community and voluntary sector has never been so crucial.” Concluded Cllr Connaghan.

DCC/Greyhound Bin Fiasco – Cllr. Anthony Connaghan

Cllr Anthony Connaghan has criticised Dublin City Council Management on the recent handover of the City’s Waste Collection Service and they must be challenged on their negotiation of this deal. “I am a member of the Environmental and Engineering Strategic Policy Committee and we weren’t aware of the finer details of the contract. Only at the last minute were we told that there would be a €100 standing charge and that accounts needed to be in credit before bins would be lifted. This caused great confusion amongst Dublin citizens, many of whom couldn’t afford the upfront charges. The DCC line was that there would be a smooth transition and basically what would happen was, that one day the bins would be collected by DCC and the next day it would be Greyhound doing the collecting and from then on in, the bills would come from Greyhound. Unfortunately this is not what happened. To this day there are still missed collections and some homes are still waiting to get tags sent to them from Greyhound”.


Cllr Connaghan thinks it hypocritical for Fianna Fail to have put motions into the Council trying to stop the privatisation of the bins when it was a Fianna Fail Minister who took the power away from the Councillors. The same could be said for the Labour Party for paying lip service to peoples troubles when they are now in Government and could have stopped this happening in the first place.

It is clear that this Government is pursuing a privatisation agenda as part of a failed Austerity strategy that is bringing misery to people in Dublin and across Ireland. Because of this we are seeing

widespread cutbacks, punitive charges, more stealth taxes and mass unemployment and emigration.

We in Sinn Féin will continue to oppose privatisation and defend public services at every opportunity.



Numbers 14 to 17 Moore St. – the place where the Republican forces made their last stand before they surrendered at the end of Easter Week 1916 – are in a disgraceful state. Even though this block of buildings has been declared a National Monument it is still under threat either from total dereliction or demolition to make way for a shopping centre.


Sinn Féin has long argued for the creation of an historical Quarter – a 1916 Revolutionary Quarter – in the part of the city taking in the GPO, Henry St. and Moore St. and the surrounding area. The Government needs to move on from the totally ill-conceived plan for a massive shopping centre has no place in the city centre and certainly no place in Moore St.


The Minister Jimmy Deenihan has the power to prevent the demolition of the site. He  needs to do this. In a recent debate on a Sinn Fein motion in the Dáil called on the Minister to intervene and stressed the importance of the 1916 rising in Irish history and the importance of preserving the site for future generations.


“The 1916 Rising encapsulates a very important part of my Irishness. I am lucky in having a very real link to these great people as a grandson of two veterans who fought that noble fight. I will never forget the stories that struck me as a child and remain with me. Young people today do not have this great resource.”


The dereliction of this National Monument is a disgrace. What state is it going to be in by 2016 if nothing is done? We believe that if the State and the City Council invest in this area they will get a return many times that investment in terms of tourism development in the area.

the centenary of the Easter Rising in 2016.


Dessie Ellis T.D and Cllr Anthony Connaghan are of the opinion that successive Governments

have tried to ignore the connection the men and women of 1916 had with the foundation of

the State. All 3 of the main establishment parties claim connection to 1916 but choose to do nothing about one of the most famous of all our historical sites where Padraig Pearse signed the surrender “in order to prevent further slaughter of the civil population”. What are the Government afraid of? That maybe people might look into this period more thoroughly and possibly read the Proclamation

and see what the valiant Men and Women died for?


“The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past.”Is the Government living up to the expectations of the Seven Signatories of the Proclamation or the thousands more who sacriced so much for Ireland? When you think of what is happening to the country at the moment can the Government honestly think when they read the Irish Proclamation?



”Cllr Anthony Connaghan would like to highly recommend the ‘Dublin 1916 Rebel

Walking Tour’ which runs from the Sinn Féin bookshop on Parnell Square

from Tuesdays to Saturdays at 11:30am.

Finglas Flooding

We are all aware of the damage that has been done to people’s homes, property and businesses over the last few years because of flooding. Many areas in Finglas were hit badly in recent months by the deluge. Dublin City Council advised people that the flooding in 2009 was a once in a 100 year event and people shouldn’t worry too much. They were wrong. It took only 3 years for a similar situation to occur and many people suffered terribly due to the heavy rainfall.

Dessie Ellis T.D. and Cllr Anthony Connaghan have met with many people who have been affected by the floods and have actively campaigned for more stringent measures to be put in place to

ensure that people in the area aren’t affected as badly as they have been recently. Dublin City Council has introduced measures that have been broadly welcomed by local residents but there is lots more work that needs to be done. DCC has plans to build a swale in the Ballygall area which would hold rainwater during times of heavy rain and would then slowly let the excess rain drain back into the system over time. We will continue to campaign on peoples behalf but would advise residents to have a plan B for themselves. In case of Emergency please ring DCC on 01-6796186

Rent Supplement

Sinn Fein Housing spokesperson Dessie Ellis has branded as a disgrace the cuts Fine Gael and Labour have introduced in the rent supplement. “The cutting of this payment has only resulted in piling more hurt and stress on people who are already struggling.


“The reality is that local authority housing stock is grossly insufficient to meet the scale of the housing need that exists.”


“The rent supplement payment was designed to be paid only to those people who cannot afford accommodation and secondly the local authority housing stock is grossly insufficient to meet the scale of housing need that exists.


“Instead of implementing cuts to rent supplement which impoverish families on the brink of homelessness, the minister should be looking at alternatives to the Housing problem.


“NAMA and other vacant properties must be used to increase the local authorities housing stock. This costs money upfront but the resulting savings on rent supplement and revenues raised through differential rents would be worth it. Concluded Deputy Ellis”